Dancer and Choreographer, bleed a pure style, animal race, whose strength is linked to talent, which is something not often. He is a master of all flamenco styles with a heel that slips on stage. Self-taught dancer. He started at the age of 3 years dancing sevillanas. Dancer and Choreographer, born in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz, 1971). With only six years he first set foot on a stage at the First Festival Flamenco de Los Barrios, where he co-starred with Camarón de la Isla who had just recorded “La Leyenda del Tiempo” with Antonio Fernández “Fosforito” in full maturity of his art. With eleven he began his first international tour, in Saudi Arabia, the UK and the Netherlands, where the press said “the Child of the feet of gold.” Acting at Hammersmith Palace in London, in front of more than three thousand people. And since then success is in love with his art. He believes in Perseverance and Work, that has served to consolidate as the first figure of many national and international festivals.


Now he is touring with his last choreography: Lorca, Madly in Love. It is a choreographic and a flamenco dialogue of David Morales, who embodies the figure of the Andalusian poet Garcia Lorca, with himself and the memories that will engage and partner the public in this heartbreaking story of love that gives notice,for the first time, of the last affair of the poet and that might be the reason why he did not flee to Spain despite he knew his life was in danger.

The entire burden of this secret kept for 75 years will be unveiled on the scene, including the remnants of a life that eludes his protagonist, full of lights, shadows and splendor and that sometimes seem like a pipe dream. So much so that at times your character will not know if he is no more than the shadow of that love as bright as definite that sentenced him to a lifetime of that silent and buried in his heart to blame.

Lorca, Madly in Love is based on the book ‘The Dark loves’ written by Manuel Francisco Renia. It is a celebration of love, of the work of the most international Andalusian writer of all time, and a bright and terrible time, with the Flamenco as the backbone of everything.