Uriel Herman, classically trained pianist and composer, operates on the seam between jazz and rock and is influenced by classical music and Israeli sounds. Over the past tow years, Herman has wandered the world on a journey of discovery with his Quartet: Avri Borochov (contrabass), Uriel Weinberger (wood wind) and Haim Peskoff (drums).

The Uriel Herman Quartet was created following the recording of Uriel’s first album “Awake”. Since then the quartet has been travelling around the world from Europe to Asia, preforming on major festivals and venus such as Taichung Jazz Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival, International showcase festival IL, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, The Forbidden City Concert Hall (Beijing), The Chengdu Concert Hall, Taichung Opera House, Duc de Lombards (Paris), Festival Nuits du Sud (Vence), folkove prazdniny Festival (Namest), and more.

In mid-2015 the band recorded a live session in an old windmill in Jerusalem in front of a small audience of friends and family. “The Windmill Session” got the quartet its international recognition landing them the headline spot on one of Asia’s largest jazz festivals in Taichung playing an unforgettable show in front of 45,000 people.

In the beginning of 2017 the Uriel Herman Quartet will release the Quartets first album, and will tour the world launching the album